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If you’re a nurse, allied health professional, or you are seeking a healthcare support job, you have found the right place. We set up My Nursing Agency for you and your patients

My Nursing Agency (MNA) will be pleased to have you join our talented Team…!!! 

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Required Licenses & Certifications

  • Current Nursing / CNA licenses must be in good standing with the Maryland State Board of Nursing.
  • Minimum of one year experience in area of specialty

Education / Experience

  • Graduate of an accredited program of Licensure

Medical Screening

  • Flu Immunization
  • Physical Exam
  • Others per facilities’ request or Statutory requirements
Refer-A-Friend .


Do you have colleagues?  Friends? Or family members who are dedicated nurses, LPNs, or CNAs? You can earn $$$ by referring them to MNA.

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MNA Golden Rule .


We are committed to serving. We treat everyone equaly, just the same way we would like others to treat us.

Home for All .


We would like for MNA to be home for all who choose to join MNA team. For this reason we like to treat every member of our team as family and help each other grow.